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Elea Digital launches new sustainability-linked bond in Latin America

Alessandro_Lombardi / © Elea Digital

Elea Digital, a Brazilian edge data center ecosystem, will use the financial resources to achieve ambitious goals and rank among the world’s most efficient businesses by drastically reducing the amount of water needed in its operations.

Elea Digital will make investments in more cutting-edge and environmentally friendly machinery that will enable a more effective use of water in its data centers’ cooling processes while retaining an effective use of energy.

The chairman of Elea Digital, Alessandro Lombardi, claims that since its inception, the business has been dedicated to doing good deeds for society and the environment.

“Today, Elea Digital takes the lead on the commitment with sustainability on the digital infrastructure sector in Brazil. We trust that other players may be inspired by our pioneer path”, commented Alessandro.

Three of Brazil’s biggest financial institutions supported the project, which adhered to the backing of sustainability measures. Other players may be motivated to go in this sustainable direction by the transaction.

According to measurements taken in September 2022, the company’s water consumption is extremely efficient, coming in at 0.51 liters per KW/h of energy utilized. This indicator (Water Usage Efficiency, or WUE) will drop to 0.31 and 0.20 liters per KW/h by 2026 and 2028, respectively. Brazil’s current average water consumption per KW/h is estimated to be 7.6 liters.