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United Airlines announces historic purchase of 200 planes, the largest in U.S. history

© United Airlines

A total of 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, with the option to buy an additional 100, have been ordered by United Airlines, the largest widebody order placed by a U.S. airline in commercial aviation history. The airline’s top position in international travel will be strengthened by this momentous acquisition, which is the next step in its ambitious United Next plan.

With the continued recovery in air travel and following the pandemic, airlines are making investments into future capacity as international aviation expands.

Between 2024 and 2032, United anticipates receiving the new widebody aircraft, and it will have a choice of the 787-8, 9 or 10 types, giving it the flexibility to serve a variety of routes.

In accordance with the United Next 2026 capacity plan, United also exercised options to purchase 44 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for delivery between 2024 and 2026 and bought 56 additional MAX aircraft for delivery between 2027 and 2028.

By the end of 2032, the airline currently anticipates receiving nearly 700 new narrow and widebody aircraft, including an average of more than two each week in 2023 and more than three in 2024.

Additionally, United keeps up its historically unmatched endeavor to modernize the cabins of its current fleet. United Polaris business class seats and United Premium Plus seating are now available on more than 90% of the airline’s international widebodies; renovations for the remaining aircraft will be finished by the summer of 2023. Additionally, United will equip all of its mainline, narrow-body aircraft with its distinctive interior, with roughly 100 of those projected to be finished in 2023 and the rest by the end of 2025.