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Chesney Claire to release two new songs this January

© Chesney Claire, LLC

Chesney Claire, a 21-year-old pop award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, will release two brand-new singles on January 13 and 27. Claire has a flourishing career in music in addition to being an actress and model. She has recently attended the International Singer Songwriter’s Association in Atlanta, GA, as well as the La Jolla, CA Fashion & Film Festival, where she walked the red carpet and presented awards.

Claire placed fourth globally for the magazine cover in the August 2022 Maxim CoverGirl Contest after advancing through seven rounds. She has also been the topic of a prestigious fashion magazine photo shoot in California, two feature films are expected to include her in 2023, and a new Hulu documentary will also feature her.

Claire continues to be most passionate about music despite her success in other areas. She received over 25 accolades from the music industry last year, including the Female Vocalist of the Year awards from the International Singer Songwriter’s Association and Indie Star Radio, four World Songwriting Awards, a nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and a Josie Music Award for Female Rising Star. Additionally, she received a Spotify Award for half a million streams and her first original song placement in a television reality series.

Chesney Claire had a busy and fruitful career thus far, in addition to her planned releases. She has a promising future ahead of her thanks to her unique talent and commitment to her art. It will be intriguing to see what the artist accomplishes in 2023.