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New extreme expedition documentary Drop Zone: Everest set to premiere in Tampa

© Legacy Expeditions

On Tuesday, December 13 at 6:00 PM, the Vu Theatre in Tampa, Florida will host the world premiere of Drop Zone: Everest, the first documentary produced by the company.

The renowned The Blair Witch Project filmmaker Dan Myrick and film producer Kristian Krempel have joined Legacy Studios, the newly formed production division of veteran-owned extreme expedition company, Legacy Expeditions.

The documentary, which was produced by Emmy-winning filmmaker Elia Saikaly, follows retired U.S. Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille and a group of former special operatives as they fly into Mount Everest in memory of the valiant people who perished during Extortion 17. Drop Zone: Everest shows the difficulties of diving into the world’s highest drop zone, such as sub-zero temperatures, unpredictable winds, and a lack of oxygen. It is set against the stunning Himalayan scenery.

“Everyone experiences peaks and valleys in life, but it’s the journey that builds character and gives us purpose,” says Sarraille. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to help the children of Extortion 17, the largest loss of American life in Afghanistan,” he adds.

Stories that demonstrate human resiliency and personal development are featured by Legacy Studios. By leaping into harsh environments, honoring fallen heroes, and taking part in charitable endeavors for their families, participants re-connect with nature and themselves.